Applying For ETIAS Is Simple And Easy

European Travel Information Authorization System, shortly known as ETIAS, is the true friend of travellers seeking a visit to countries within the Schengen Zone. Unlike the traditional visa, ETIAS is much more simple, easy and fast option that will take care of all requirements for travelling abroad. 

The ETIAS application is far more comfortable and easily accessible than that of the traditional formal visa. In case you are planning a visit to any place within the said zone, you must apply online as soon as possible. However, the ETIAS will remain inactive and will come into effect from the first day of 2021.

The process of application and relevant matters are discussed thoroughly ahead:

The Purpose Of The Visit For Which You Can Apply For ETIAS

The European visa waiver ETIAS can be applied for short-term visits. The purposes of the visit for which The ETIAS is more suited than the traditional visa are:

  • Tourism
  • Conference
  • Qualifying Medical Procedure 

Or of similar nature that will not take too long to stretch your stay during the visit. 

In case you are moving in for studies abroad, or due to work, or something or similar nature that require long term stay, you should procure a visa. The types of visa are several, get the one that matches your needs and eligibility.

The Overall Process Of Application

The upcoming system to be brought in by the European visa waiver is a remarkable one indeed. Owing to its simplicity of applying and fast processing time, you can plan for your travels in a moment’s notice. Although you should apply for it at least five days before travelling.

Application for it is done fully online. All the trouble of going through personal visits and interview has been excluded in this procedure. All you have to do is to fulfil the required criteria and go through some simple steps of filling out an online application form. 

The time taken for processing and approval of your application is usually minutes. The maximum time it can take its up to for days, which is still negligible compared to the standard two-weeks processing time for that of the traditional visa. 

Check Whether You Are Eligible To Apply For ETIAS

The criteria you must meet to apply and obtain the ETIAS – the European travel waiver is a short list. They are:

  • You must hold your valid Passport with blank pages. 
  • You must be a citizen of one of the 61 ETIAS eligible countries.

Once you ensure your eligibility, fill up the online application form through simple steps. 

Points To Keep In Mind While Applying

You will find more details on However, some helpful points that will help you while filling up the online application form are discussed here. 

You must keep the Passport with you while applying for ETIAS. The information entered by you must be an exact match with that of your Passport. Failing to this may lead to delay or disapproval of the application.

To complete the whole process, you must also have a credit or debit card with yourself. The whole process is supposed to be very fast and could be wrapped up in 20 to 25 minutes. 

Validity And Other Information

The ETIAS once approved remains valid for up to 3 years or till the expiry of your passport, whichever comes first. Once your Passport expires, you have to re-apply for ETIAS with the new Passport once again. 

When the ETIAS application form is submitted, the response is sent as an e-mail informing you of the approval status.

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