Why Your Business Needs Keyless Entry Systems And How To Choose One

New York City, NY – Business owners in NYC rely solely on their shops as a source of livelihood which makes protecting and securing the store a top priority. Commercial Locks & Locksmith New York City experts will gladly install state of the art security systems to ensure break-ins are next to none. However, there is more to commercial locks and security systems than just offering protection to the shop when no one is around.

Today, with the right experts on Window Lock Repair New York City and security system installation, business owners can now easily keep track on who comes in and out of their property. This additional security measure ensures that only those cleared for access can enter the building. The system also keeps track of employees time of arrival and departure to help detect any discrepancies when they arise.

Back in the day, the window lock repair New York City companies could only offer the basic lock and key options for businesses, which is no longer enough these days. If you are worried about keeping your property safe from intruders it might be time to upgrade your current setup by asking commercial locks & locksmith New York City based company about these keyless entry systems options of businesses:

Swipe Card Systems

The swipe card system is also called the electronic card access system where a card with a magnetic strip is required to open a locked door. It allows fast and easy access to the premises to everyone who has a copy of the card. Any cards that are lost or misplaced can easily be canceled remotely to prevent unauthorized people access. Of course, with the right locksmith on board, the system can be installed quick and easy without ever disrupting the flow of your business.

A major disadvantage worth noting is when a card falls on the wrong hands and it has not yet been deactivated, a stranger can gain full access to your business with very little effort.

Keypad Entry

Keypad locks are just as easy to install as the swipe key card system but offer a higher level of protection. Only people who know the correct alpha-numeric code can open any locked doors and all entries are automatically recorded for future reference. Each door can be fitted with several keypads that require different codes so that only specific people can go in and out of rooms. Plus, all codes can be changed as often as you want to enhance privacy and security.

Entering codes several times when you are in a hurry can be cumbersome, but it is a small price to pay for additional safety and protection.

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