iSmartRecruit is Upgrading with Release 21.2

In today’s recruiting era it is very difficult to provide the desired candidates to the client or in any organization if you do all the hiring activities manually, instead one can easily assign the desired candidates to their clients by using an Applicant tracking software.

As it can be observed that searching the better talents among the several becomes very difficult and that results into the hike in hiring cost, time-consuming and more. I would suggest using iSmartRecruit Staffing Agency Software that keeps on improving day by day to serve their clients with the improved product.

Here’s are the list of New features that iSmartRecruit offers:-

Twilio SMS Integration: A new feature is integrated for SMS Integration with Twilio. For using this feature you need to create an account if in Twilio and purchase credit. To create an account in Twilio please visit

After account setup, you have to connect your Twilio account with iSmartRecruit. Here is a way to configure your account
System Configuration -> Bulk SMS Configuration -> Twilio SMS Integration.
You can copy and paste details from your Twilio profile to system configuration.

Sending SMS: Once your configuration is done, you can send SMS to candidate from “Candidate View Dialog”
Receiving SMS: All the received SMS will be automatically fetched from Twilio and will be displayed in the candidate communication history.

Smart Search: Generally, it’s a very difficult and time-consuming process of search query building. Smart Search feature helps you to search candidates directly from external sources like Indeed, Linkedin, Xing, and many other job boards and other platforms.
To start with this feature, you can go to Advanced Search option available in the Candidate Search screen. You can find the last tab with the name “Smart Search”.

Once you enter the job title, the system automatically suggests you skills for that job. You can deselect or add your custom skill values based on your preference. You can search for candidates by job title and selecting the skills from the suggested list. By clicking on Generate Boolean Search button, It will create a boolean string based on your selected skills and job title. Then you can select any platform in which you have to perform candidate search. (Ex. Indeed) & click on Search Candidate button. It will open Indeed with candidate list as per your selected boolean string.

Suggest job-based on Candidate Profile: This feature can help you to see the best matching job list based on the candidate profile. This can make your process easy to assign the job to the candidate by the automated result. It will display the first 10 matching job with a percentage.

Follow the path to view the Matching jobs of candidates:
Candidates-> Click on Name of Candidate ->Candidate View Dialog ->Matching Job tab.
System matches follow criteria to show the matching job like Skillset, Designation, Experience, Location & Job description from job against candidate profile.
This feature is very useful if you get a candidate who is in the market and searching for a job very actively. You can directly upload CV of that candidate and check whether any matching job is there or not.

Schedule Interview with Timezone: Many upon a time the recruiter schedule the interview of candidates which are not in the same time zone. In this situation, the user has to do the time conversion manually and enter converted time into the System.

Now the system has provided an option to schedule an interview with time zone selection. The Recruiter can select time zone of candidate while creating an interview. In this case, the recruiter will get the timing as per his/her time zone while candidate gets an email notification with candidate available timezone.

Active job – Candidate Listing: Earlier in Active Jobs, you were able to see only those candidates which were in process but now you can see all the candidate instead of the active candidate.

Mass Mail Limit & Failover Handling: Few enhancements are done in Mass Mailing which are as follow:

Mass Mail Limit: Now onwards each customer has the limit of sending mass mail from the system. The monthly limit of sending email is 5000 emails/month. Once sending limit reached, users will get growl message that their limit has been exceeded. To increase the limit, you have to pay additional charges. Contact support for further information.

Failed Mass Mail: To avoid the blacklist and spam issues, the system enabled a check. In case any email will be failed while sending mass mail, the system will save that emails and will not send any email in future.

Client Self Service Portal: Along with the Candidate, client experience is also highly important. Now it is possible to offer the better experience to the clients through the Client Self-Service portal. Generally, the self-service portal can be linked to your website. It can be well adjusted well based on look & feel, validation, field customization etc.

Here are the features available in the system in the self-service portal.
Client self-registration
Add/Edit their information
Create Job
Search Relevant Candidate

Glassdoor Job Board Integration: New Job board we added with iSmartRecruit named as Glassdoor. Only the direct employer can post a job on this job board. Staffing and recruiting agency can’t post jobs on Glassdoor. Please visit following the link for more information about Glassdoor job board.

Keyword Search in Matching Candidate: In the matching candidates section by default system does suggest best matching candidates. If you wish to perform any additional search on top of best matching candidate search, you can very well do that now.

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