The low-cost IVF treatment in India

Today, in India also many women who are infertile prefer to undergo IVF procedure. Some women cannot conceive because of reasons such as low sperm count of men, damage in fallopian tube, endometrioses problems, ovulation disorders, tubal sterilization performed previously etc. So, such women undergo IVF procedure because surgeries cannot be performed on them. So, many hospitals in India today are providing IVF treatment to infertile patients. 

Cost of IVF

The cost of IVF treatment depends upon the number of cycles. It also includes the cost of medications and other hospital costs. Earlier, the treatment of IVF was known as a test-tube baby procedure. Today, infertility in India becomes a common problem and this treatment helps a patient to conceive. The couples should consider some of the Vitro fertilization costs before undergoing the IVF procedure. Apart from IVF treatment, they need other treatment also depending upon their fertility level and medical history. Usually, the cost of treatment depends upon the location also. The cost of IVF is higher in metro cities. The costs are higher in cities such as Mumbai, Chennai, and Bangalore. The other factors that are considered are woman’s age, cost of donor sperm, cost of donor embryos for IVF treatment, cost of TESA etc. Usually, a woman who is below 35 years can become pregnant by completing one IVF cycle. But, the woman above 39 years requires four to five IVF cycles. 

The patients can avail low cost IVF treatment in India by following some simple steps.  

Some hospitals in India provide cheap IVF plans which are still cheaper for older people. Yet, many hospitals provide treatment to patients who require multiple cycles also. So, the older people who require several IVF cycles can be greatly benefited from these plans.  

Some patients with low sperm count require donor sperms and normally the cost of donor sperms in affordable. But the cost of donor egg is much higher than the sperms. So, sometimes, the embryos are donated to the patients from the people who have completed their fertility cycle successfully. Sometimes, the embryos are frozen from the woman’s uterus. These costs are normally lower. Sometimes, the patients should undergo T.E.S.A treatment and it is a sperm aspiration and extraction process that is recommended for people who had a vasectomy earlier. The sperm is directly injected into the egg and hence the cost of fertilization is higher. 

Comparison of costs

The total cost of IVF treatment in India depends upon the city and fertility clinics. A person should also visit the clinics with good credentials and choose the right clinic. They should not only consider the cost factor and experience complications later on. The costs of IVF in India are relatively cheaper when compared to the costs in western countries. The costs are relatively lesser because the technologies and equipment used in India are not as sophisticated as the equipment used in other nations. They use cheaper methods to treat patients. Yet many hospitals provide various schemes to the people seeking for multi-cycle treatment. The women who are suffering from disorders such as endometrioses, ovulation disorders, and fallopian tube damage can be easily treated in India.

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