Reasons to Have Expanded Metal Fencing Over Standard Fencing

The expanded metal fence also called as expanded steel fence is a high-security and anti-corrosion fence which is made of aluminium, low carbon steel or stainless steel. It has diamond-shaped openings which make an expanded metal a versatile product for many applications such as commercial, industrial, governmental, or institutional sites.

The expanded metal fence is available in both standard expanded metal and flattened expanded metal. Security of this fencing can be customized, and it is much easier to add special features in expanded metal.

Features of Expanded Metal Fence

• Perfect strength to weight ratio.

• Availability of a wide range of open areas.

• Good acoustic properties

• Higher-strength and weight ratio.

• The three-dimensional shape of the meshes 

• Aesthetically pleasing for interior and exterior.

• Excellent corrosion resistance.

Benefits of Using Expanded Metal Fence

  • Higher Strength

 Fencing must be able to withstand with intruder challenges. Expanded metal fencing is much stronger than the standard fencing as it maintains its rigidity even when struck with a heavy object which drove by an extreme force. The expansion process adjusts the metal while enabling it to retain its strength.

  • Cutting Resistance

If you’ve seen the standard security fencing, you can check it yourself that how easy it is for intruders to cut down the fence with the use of an easily available bolt cutter and a little elbow grease. However, for expanded metal fence there are no such cutters available that can establish a solid grip on the material. In case, if the intruder is successful at making a cut, then also the metal strands will remain in place and will create a challenge for an intruder to penetrate through it.

  • With Visual-Barrier Properties

An issue with the Standard fencing is that it offers the intruders to see-through because it provides a little way of blocking line of sight. On the other hand, expanded metal mesh is high-security fencing, which is specifically designed to minimize gaps while maximizing metal surface. It offers the flexibility to create a gap-free design without hindering performance.

  • Climbing Resistance

Standard fencing has gaps of about 2 inches between wires, which can easily help the intruders to use his hands or feet for climbing. But expanded metal fencing has smaller gaps which restrict the intruders from climbing up and over the barrier. It doesn’t offer enough space to secure hands and feet inside the gaps. Expanded metal has gaps as small as ½ or ¾ inch, making climbing of the intruder virtually impossible.

  • High Durability

Expanded metal security fencing is ahead of standing fencing when it comes to durability. The material offers excellent resistance to corrosion or rusting which is a crucial consideration in rainy or humid climates. The increased lifespan of the expanded metal benefits you from not replacing your fencing less frequently.

Expanded metal security fence offers a better solution in the situations that demand more safety. You can get this extremely versatile fencing from the best-expanded metal fence companies which provide a wide range of styles, materials, mesh pattern which serves as an ideal solution for various security needs.

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